Spice up Your Friend’s Buck’s Party with These Games!

Courtney Edwards | March 16, 2018 | 0 | Escort

There’s a lot of ways to enjoy a decent stag party. You can check out the best strip clubs Brisbane has or go a unique route and plan out some fun activities you can do with friends and the groom. You can even spice up the party to make it memorable for years to come. Aside from the usual and popular stag initiations, like getting arrested and shaving the hair off, you can instead go for unique activities that will make the celebration even more unforgettable. Here are some awesome ideas that you can try:

Mr. Spanky. This is a fun game that only needs a deck of cards, a marker, and a ping pong paddle. It involves guessing if the card one gets from the deck is higher or lower than the row of cards in front of him. If he gets it wrong, he must proceed to bend over in front of the groom and get his bottom spanked. For more hilarious moments, you can make a grinning face on the side of the paddle that will hit the butt. This is better held in one of the best strip clubs Brisbane has to offer.

Toy Soldiers Story. If you’re a fan of the “Toy Story” series, then you will love this game. It needs a bag of green toy soldiers and a few pints of beer to play. Before the party, each of your guests must get a soldier from the bag and keep it with them for the rest of the party. The game goes as the party goes, and the moment the groom yells “Andy is coming!”, they must pose like how the toy soldiers that they have are posing and remain that way until the groom says “coast is clear”. If they fail to do this, they will have to drink a couple of pints or try some dares that involve humiliation.

Posers. When in one of the best strip clubs Brisbane has, you can do this energetic and creative game for a more fun night, which only involves a paper, pen, and a glass. Before you start, write random objects, animals, people, and jobs in the tiny sheets of paper then roll them up and put them in the glass. You walk around the room and make sure that each guy gets a paper to start the game. Each one must go in front of the crowd and have everyone yell “Who are you?” and they must act out the written word on the paper they got, then the crowd will try to guess what the word is.

Mr. President. This is one of those fun games that require participants to have keen senses. There’s nothing special needed for this game; only the boys and the groom. During the party, if the best man puts his finger in his ear as if he’s a secret agent listening for orders, one must yell “Get down Mr. President”, and jump on the groom simultaneously in order to protect him from assassination. It doesn’t really have tough rules to remember; just good fun and laughs.

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