Know the joys you get from rub and tug massage!

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There’s a number of erotic massage you can get in Sydney, and one of them is rub and tug. If you haven’t tried an erotic massage yet, a rub and tug massage Sydney men love is something to experience.

This is somehow like a traditional massage, but you will have a half-naked lady doing the rubbing and tugging for you.

What is a rub and tug massage?

Rub and tug is one of the most popular types of erotic massage in Sydney and is one of the most affordable adult massage treatments you can get. It is done by a sexy hot chick, who will rub your body and highlight the entire session with a climactic tug on your love handles.

The massage alone could give great benefits to your body, like the feeling of being invigorated, relaxed and relieved from any type of discomfort.

And, all the steps are performed in an erotic way!

What to remember when getting a rub and tug massage?

When you are planning to go to an erotic massage parlour for a rub and tug session, you should remember a few things to fully enjoy its bliss.

  • Find a reputable massage parlour

Start by locating a reputable massage parlour where you can have it. After all, you would like to have the hottest girl to do it for you.

Exclusive massage parlours, like Misty’s, have beautiful and raunchy girls who are dying to give you a sensual experience through a massage. Of course, these ladies will also do it professionally to ensure you get all the benefits of a traditional massage. Not just a mere sensual massage.

  • Prepare your cash before coming

Before you go to the massage parlour, prepare your cash instead of just going with a credit card. That will be most convenient for you, especially if you want to give your masseusse some tip.

Also, know the rates of their services, first. Bring enough money for the services that you want to have. Do you want rub and tug alone, or do you like to experience their other adult services?

  • Be decent enough

Always remember to be respectful as you walk into the adult massage parlour. What you pay is what you get, and don’t be pushy for the services you can’t pay.

Just trust the girls inside, go with the flow, and you’ll surely get a climactic bliss in the end.

Inform the massuesse if you have some special requests during the massage. Just be polite and do not force anything that she does not like.

Get a rub and tug massage now!

If you want to enjoy all of the great stuff an erotic massage can bring, look for the best erotic massage parlour in Sydney. Not only that you can avail a rub and tug massage Sydney men love, but there are also other adult services that you can enjoy.

On that note, you can check out Misty’s. This exclusive erotic massage parlour has some of the most beautiful ladies in the city who are happy to give you a massage experience that you will not forget.

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